1) Fundraise with our Grocery Store.

Organizations customize our "battletested" Shopify templates to create their own online grocery stores and fundraise.

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2) Help Build Our Smart Appliances.

Your grocery community automatically gains access to a special nanofabrication lab where Deliver Healthy pursues fresh food innovation.  We invite you to participate in product development with us.

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3) Get employed.

Due to automation, there will be profound disruption in the labor market within the next five years.  Deliver Healthy will aggressively defend its revenue source, our customers.  We have a responsibility to sustain the communities we partner with.

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Main Benefit: Deliver Healthy advocates "Lab for Everyone".

Invest in us and we invest in you. Materials science lab experience means opportunity for everyone!

We are granting at least $1M in STEM-related training to our top performing online grocery stores.

The reason you partner with Deliver Healthy is that we reinvest in you. When you patronize our "turnkey fresh grocery service", we grant you access to our laboratories and product development facilities.


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Open your custom fresh food grocery store and start fundraising!